There are hundreds of career related websites and the information overload can be daunting.  These sites are good and reliable stating points:

Fantastic general careers information

Watch videos of different careers here. You can also see two videos I made for TV recently.
Just put my name- John Taccori in their search engine and go to the links.

University Admissions Centre NSW / ACT

Interested in the careers caring for others?

Detailed information on hundreds of occupations,

including education and training requirements

Insightful and inspirational online videos and information

on various people and their careers

Information if you are planning to go to university

Information if you are a mature-age student thinking

of studying part-time for university or wanting to study

by correspondence

This site provides access to all private training colleges Australia wide

More information if you are planning on getting a trade

Course information if you are thinking of going to TAFE

for further education and training

Great website if you are thinking of looking for a job.

This is updated daily.

Current labour market information and job prospects

for the future

Want to take a gap year between school and work/study?

Then check out reliable NGOs: Habitat for Humanity, World Vision, Red Cross or the ADF gap year program.

Latest news on career matters and events; Up to date general careers information