Dr John Taccori

EdD(USydney), MEd Admin, BEd, PCDAA, MCAANSW


HSC Subject Selection

There is no doubt that some young people and their parents get really tangled and stressed over choosing subjects for the HSC.

Unfortunately it can be a source of frustration and confusion- not to mention a few arguments along the way.

Good career advice from a trained career counsellor should be one of your ports of call to help you through this. Vocational testing can help too. A good vocational assessment can help determine one's vocational profile and can be used as a guide for guaging what career options should be considered for the future.

I was recently interviewed by Lakshmi Singh on this very issue, who was writng an article for Parenting Ideas.

The advice I gave may help make the process a little easier: http://werribeeps.vic.edu.au/uploaded_files/media/which_subjects_should_i_choose.pdf