How to get an apprenticeship

Hopefully you have put in a good effort at school and have good teacher’s comments on your school reports, but now what?

Where do you find an apprenticeship?

  • Don’t keep your intentions a secret. The more people that can help keep an eye out the better your chances.
  • Group Training Companies (eg SkillsWest, WSROC GT, Workline)
  • Cold canvassing (Door to door/Yellow Pages). Practice your greeting / opening line.
  • / / and more
  • Self promotion: Advertise, posters on notice boards or at trade suppliers
  • Local and metro newspapers: < 20% jobs found this way, Highly competitive
  • Job brokers eg Work Directions, Employment Plus (Salvos), Mission Employment etc (get referral via Centrelink)
  • Pre-apprenticeship courses (Phone TAFE or other Training Organisation)
  • Work Experience and Work Placement 

The Winning Formula, By Dr John Taccori

12 steps that work time and time again

  • Good typed resume, covering letter & portfolio
  • Include in your resume: experience, personal value statement, skills of competence.
  • Research industry & company.
  • Dress well and conservatively
  • Be on time for the interview (up to half the first time applicants don’t even turn up)
  • Don’t bring a friend to the interview
  • Have three relevant questions ready for the interviewer
  • Good eye contact, firm hand shake
  • Show enthusiasm, knowledge of the industry and a willingness to learn
  • Take time to answer the questions
  • After the interview send a thank-you letter/ card
  • Be patient, but do ring after a day or two after you expected to hear from them.