Dr John Taccori

EdD(USydney), MEd Admin, BEd, PCDAA, MCAANSW


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Dr John Taccori (Career Counsellor)
Email: jtaccori@hotmail.com
Phone: 02 47542002 / 0400938574
Dr John Taccori
EdD(USydney), MEd Admin, BEd, PCDAA, MCAANSW


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About John Taccori

John is a highly qualified career counselling practitioner who is taking a fresh approach to career counselling. He is a doctoral graduate of the University of Sydney. He has worked for two decades in the education field of which 15 years has been devoted to the career counselling sector. John works closely with people daily, in motivating them towards the world of work or further study.

John provides a comprehensive, affordable and quality driven career counselling service, particularly for mature workers who are seeking a career change in their lives. He is well aware of the issues they face at this time and provides many suitable options for his clients. He aims to equip mature workers with confidence to pursue appropriate change for their vocational future.
He has a special interest in young people nearing the end of their school, TAFE or university studies and who need career direction in their lives. He has excellent knowledge of courses at the various educational institutions in NSW and their various career and employment outcomes.

John takes a personal approach with his clients and can visit them in their homes at a time that is convenient.

John has devoted his working life to changing and motivating people's pathways. He helps them to help themselves towards a better and more meaningful career by sharing his knowledge. His expertise and methods are underpinned by university research, knowledge of the job & training market and years of experience.

Although John works primarily around the Sydney Metropolitan Area, he is aware that many clients living in regional areas do not have access to quality career counselling services. John's vocational testing service can be done via email, supplying clients with a comprehensive careers guidance report. This report is not computer generated but is personally analysed and written by John for accuracy and relevance. 

John was recently approached by Aurora Channel 183 (Foxtel) to film three programs providing careers advice for young people and their parents. You can view the videos online at http://www.skillsone.com.au .

John has also been an adviser to Federal, State and Local Governments, including universities, on issues pertaining to Career Development and Vocational Education and Training. He is often contacted by the media to provide expert input into career related matters.

John is a professional member of the Career Development Association of Australia and the Career Advisers Association of NSW. Membership of these organisations assures clients that professional standards and ethical practices are upheld in the provision of career counselling services.

Products & Service Areas:

* Career Advice
* Careers Advisor
* Career Assessment
* Career Change for mature workers 
* Career Counselling
* Careers Counselor
* Career Development
* Career Guidance
* Career Practitioner
* Career Strategy
* Career Transition
* Career Testing
* Employment
* HSC Help
* Job Coaching
* Mature Workers
* Resume feedback
* Subject selection
* School To Work Transition
* Study Help
* Transition
* VET in Schools
* Vocational Education and Training
* Vocational Guidance
* Vocational Guidance Testing
* Vocational Assessments