How to get an apprenticeship

Hopefully you have put in a good effort at school and have good teacher's comments on your school reports, but now what?

Where do you find an apprenticeship?

  1. Don’t keep your intentions a secret. The more people that can help keep an eye out the better your chances.
  2. Group Training Companies (eg SkillsWest, WSROC GT, Workline)
  3. Cold canvassing (Door to door/Yellow Pages). Practice your greeting / opening line.
  4.  and more
  5. Self promotion: Advertise, posters on notice boards or at trade suppliers
  6. Local and metro newspapers: < 20% jobs found this way, Highly competitive
  7. Job brokers eg Work Directions, Employment Plus (Salvos), Mission Employment etc (get referral via Centrelink)
  8. Pre-apprenticeship courses (Phone TAFE or other Training Organisation)
  9. Work Experience and Work Placement 


    The Winning Formula, By Dr John Taccori

                12 steps that work time and time again

    1. Good typed resume, covering letter & portfolio
    2. Include in your resume: experience, personal value statement, skills of competence.
    3. Research industry & company.
    4. Dress well and conservatively
    5. Be on time for the interview (up to half the first time applicants don’t even turn up)
    6. Don’t bring a friend to the interview
    7. Have three relevant questions ready for the interviewer
    8. Good eye contact, firm hand shake
    9. Show enthusiasm, knowledge of the industry and a willingness to learn
    10. Take time to answer the questions
    11. After the interview send a thank-you letter/ card
    12. Be patient, but do ring after a day or two after you expected to hear from them.