The economic down turn may effect the employment rate in Australia in the near future.

There are a number of occupational areas that are almost recession proof in our society. Some of these include: education, health, police, community welfare, law, agribusiness, childcare and several others. 

If you are not in these industries, there are still a number of strategies that you can adopt in the workplace to minimise the chance of becoming unemployed.

Firstly, it is a great time to go back and update your skills and develop new ones at TAFE or university. Try and excel at what you do in the workplace. Have a positive attitude rather than a negative one. Volunteer to do small jobs/projects without being asked to do them. This will show your ability to multi-skill. Employers tend to keep people who can do more than one job and who have a positive and contributing outlook. Be more rather than want more.

Secondly, networking is vital in this economic climate. Networking is about sharing information, ideas, resources and also job opportunities with others. It’s not what you know that comes into play here, it’s who you know. Regularly networking with people in other industries or companies in the same field can pay enormous dividends. When networking, do pay attention to what you can give or contribute rather than what you can take. That will then make you stand out from the rest.

Dr John Taccori

Career Counsellor


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