1. Turn up to the Year 11 Information Night.

2. Talk to your teachers, particularly the ones that will be teaching the subject next year.

3. Find out who will be teaching your subject. Your school will say that the teacher will have now bearing on your HSC outcome. The research strongly suggests that the teacher will make the biggest difference to your overall result in the HSC. So this in itself may be a factor to consider when choosing a subject.

4. Choose subjects that you enjoy. The research suggests that you will most likely go well in the courses you like.

5. Do not worry about scaling. If you think that a course will be scaled badly, then you will almost be wrong. The University Admissions Centre statistical data overwhelmingly will prove you wrong in almost all cases. So the advice is to choose the subject you enjoy and will do good at.

6. Consider your career. Consider the university or TAFE course you want to do after the HSC. Do they have recommended HSC courses or prerequisites. Consider those as a guide.

7. Visit a career counsellor for advice and guidance.

8. Read the jobguide.

9. Don’t study a subject because your friends do. You may come to regret it and it won’t be easy to change when you realise you made a mistake by choosing it.

10. When all else fails, read in detail the Year 11 subject selection handbook provided for you by your school. This may prevent you making a poor choice.

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