Your on-line identity

Two years ago I was interviewed by Mariam Tengbeh from Western Sydney University. She asked me to comment on work-related issues that young people need to be aware of when placing their personal profile on social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram etc. I feel that this is more important now than what it was two years ago. Young people are really neglecting their on-line presence. In Tengbeh’s interview, I outlined issues that a young person needs to consider seriously that could affect their employment prospects in the future. Their personal profile needs to be managed more carefully than one would imagine.

I acknowledge that a person’s LindedIn page is now critical if one is looking for work or plans to change employers or even wants to share their skills set and talents with the world.

Every person has a brand which needs to be nurtured and managed. Believe it or not, you are your own company and like any business owner, you need to protect your assets and your reputation.

You need to show potential clients and employers the best side of you.

People generally do this really well on sites like LindedIn. However, those same people tend to neglect their other on-line profiles. It’s here that your brand will show your weakest link.

You need to be constantly vigilant and careful. I generally say: If you are not prepared to go out into the street and shout out what you really think and show others another side of you that you don’t normally share- then don’t put on-line.

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