Many people seek a purpose in life. So they define themselves through their paid work. I think this is fraught with issues of identity. People, I believe, should not be seeking their identity and their purpose through their paid work.

A 75 year longitudinal study on happiness, conducted by Harvard University, showed that when people reflected on their lives and what truely made them happy, they hardly ever spoke of their careers and paid work. Rather they spoke of their relationships and connection with people, community, family and friends. This is what sustained them, gave them purpose and in turn happiness. 

One may argue that through their paid work they gain this fulfilment. However, what if you become unemployed or unemployable or you retire? What becomes your sense of purpose then? One's purpose in life is transcendent beyond your paid work life. Your purpose in life should not be upheld by your paid work title. Once your title is removed or lost, then what?

Watch this brief clip by Simon Sinek: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sgjz8WcbbUc








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