Have you ever noticed why people like Madonna, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Earvin “Magic” Johnson are still around after peaking in a previous career? The answer is simple- they keep reinventing themselves.

These celebrities have a brand; that brand may be their looks, their intellect, their knowledge, their popularity or anything else that makes up their character and personality. In fact it’s not just one characteristic but more likely a collection of distinguishing features.

They take ownership of that brand and they market it aggressively like their lives depended on it. I would say their lives don’t depend on it, but their careers and future income earning capacity depends on it.

Many people want a career change from their current jobs or professions. Some want a slight change and some have a desire for a complete change. They rarely think of change as a time to reinvent themselves for a new career or a new position in the same organisation.

A reinvention takes time. One has to think through the reinvention process. They have to ask themselves pertinent questions. It’s a time for reflection, action and transformation. It’s a time for planning your next move. What will I reinvent myself as? What will I be an expert in? What will people recognise me for?

This may mean that it’s a time to up-skill your training/qualifications, engage in a new network of colleagues/experts that know that line of business very well, find a mentor or find new experiences. I suggest you read as much as you can in this new area and build strategic relationships. Seek out new professional associations as well as online networking communities. Keep up to date with new developments and research in the field you are interested in.

When you are ready, start promoting yourself for that new career change or start declaring your interest in that new job or promotion. Above all keep strengthening your career brand and nurturing it. You never know who is watching and what opportunities may arise from your marketing tactics.

Dr John Taccori

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