You may occasionally hear about people who are always lucky. You may have a friend that you consider to be always lucky- in love, in career, in fortune or in circumstance. That is s/he is always at the right place at the right time.

Do you wish you were that lucky? You can develop your luckiness as long as you are mindful of your “self” and your social surroundings. In essence it is a state of mind and it is mindfully triggered in different environments. If you think this way often enough it actually becomes a reality. You will gradually notice a move away from being unlucky to becoming lucky.

Dr Maxwell Maltz once claimed that if you pretend to be something or someone long enough, over time you will psychologically become what you wish for. In that sense it is fitting to see the general characteristics of lucky people.

Professor Richard Wiseman researched this area for a number of years and found that there were a number of qualities that lucky people displayed, these included: a spirited awareness of their surroundings, little to no anxiety, optimistic, extroverted personalities, open-mindedness, confident communicators in strange environments and frequently displaying a happy and smiling disposition.

It is generally acknowledged that these sorts of personality traits attract people to you. They rarely push people away. Therefore, it exposes these people to new friendships and acquaintances and in turn to new opportunities.

Lucky people tend to embrace the new circumstances that they find themselves in and take advantage of the opportunities that are placed before them. They tend to chase up leads given to them and are generally discreetly persistent and determined. Lucky people listen attentively and are intuitive. They take advice on board and ask good and pertinent questions at appropriate times.

It is often said that there is no word for “crisis” in Chinese, only “opportunity.” Lucky people, in an unintentional manner, see opportunity where pessimistic people only see misfortune or nothing at all.

The good news is that if you feel you do not have these qualities then we know that you can slowly but surely develop these qualities if you are mindful of it. You can seek an inner desire to change your situation and your luck.

Dr John Taccori

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